Is GABA A Vitamin?

GABA is an amino acid that the brain uses to transmit information from one cell to another. Some people that do not have enough of it in their bodies will consume GABA supplements like you would a vitamin. However, these supplements are for the most part not considered vitamins.

If a child suffers from depression or anxiety, a doctor could certainly recommend to the parent that they start giving GABA supplements to the child. When this happens, it is definitely possible for a doctor to describe the supplement as a vitamin, in an attempt to help the parent understand how useful it could be.

Since the term “Vitamin” is usually only construed as something that benefits the people that take them, and is a part of our everyday dialect, it is sometimes used in the place of the word supplement when attempting to explain highly technical medical terms to a novice.

Later, when the parent starts trying to give it to their child, they will also use the term vitamin in an attempt to get the child to take it and say something like the following; “You have to take your vitamins every day, because they will help you to grow up to be big and strong”.

In reality, GABA supplements are not vitamins like Vitamin E, D, or C, but in certain instances the word is used to make it either more palatable, or understandable. The reasons provided above are why so many people today regularly refer to GABA as a vitamin, instead of a supplement.

If you find yourself also repeating the term vitamin instead of supplement, it is quite common and there really is no reason to change. Both of them are very good for you, and they each help all of us live much longer and healthier lives.