Gamma Aminobutyric Acid Powder

Gamma amino butyric acid is more commonly known as GABA. It is possible to obtain this substance in pill or power form. The power should be dissolved in a liquid like water or a juice to be consumed, and it has virtually no taste at all. The recommended daily dosage of GABA 750 milligrams, and it should be taken on an empty stomach, before eating. The power form of GABA should be stored in a dry place, which is free from direct sunlight exposure.

GABA is a compound that our bodies produce naturally. The scientists that study its effect on the body, are really not quite sure why certain people do not manufacture enough of it so that their bodies function as it was designed to. The people whose bodies do not create enough GABA are prone to coming down with many serious, and sometimes incapacitating physiological disorders.

Some of the mental health conditions that are caused by a lack of GABA are the following; anxiety, stress, depression, sleeping deprivation, and the lack of the ability to concentrate for long periods on a single subject.

GABA is used by the brain to facilitate the transferring of information from one cell to another. Without enough of it in our systems, people tend to be very anxious and nervous. GABA can be thought of as our bodies own natural sedative, that helps us to remain calm, cool, and collective, no matter what is going on around us.

The regular consumption of gamma amino butyric acid power is an excellent way to increase the amount of this very important chemical in your body. If you think that you suffer from any of the medical conditions mentioned above, or any others that the lack of GABA is known for, the power form of this supplement just might be what you are looking for.